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Read Gregory Maguire’s expanded Looking In, Looking Out poetic metaphor aloud to young people and discuss it together. Peruse David Macaulay’s preliminary sketches for the cover of Our White House. Savor Nikki Grimes’ thought-provoking poem Staking Claim. Dip in, read, ponder, enjoy!  

Race to the Ballot: The Our White House Presidential Campaign and Election Kit for Kids!
Get young people excited and engaged in the presidential election using this all-in-one resource containing exclusive articles, activities, and discussion questions you can use at home, in the classroom, at camp, and even on the go.

Activities to Celebrate Presidents Month
Click here to check out our list of fun activities to use at home or in the classroom to engage young people in presidential history!

The Donkey and the Elephant
by Helen Kampion
Discover how an insult, war phrase, and graphic humor contributed to the donkey and the elephant becoming two of America's most iconic political symbols.

From Peas to Paper to IPads: The Evolution of the Ballot in America
by Heather Lang
Although the method of casting a vote in America has evolved dramatically since our country's early days, the ballot—whatever its form—remains critical to our right to vote and our democratic process.

The Second Shall Be First: The 1948 Presidential Election—Truman V. Dewey
by Renee’ Critcher Lyons
The 1948 presidential election witnessed incumbent Harry S Truman defy the odds—and the media—in a stunning win over his Republican opponent Thomas E. Dewey.

  Our White House Authors and Illustrators Read at the National Book Festival
The NCBLA introduced Our White House at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. Click this link to watch Jon Scieszka, Katherine Paterson, Steven Kellogg, Lynda Johnson Robb, and Mary Brigid Barrett read their contributions.

Looking In, Looking Out
by Gregory Maguire

Staking Claim
by Nikki Grimes

The Eloquence of ‘Silent Cal’
by Katherine Paterson
A Profile of Vermonter President Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States

Memory of the White House
by Susan Cooper

The Back Story: Creating the Cover
David Macaulay’s Preliminary Sketches 

The Oval Office: The World’s Most Famous Office
by Geri Zabela Eddins
The most famous office in the world was not constructed until over one hundred years after the White House
was first built.

Stress Relief: Exercise and Relaxation at the White House
by Geri Zabela Eddins
It’s not all work at the White House—presidents find time to have fun and relax, too.

Writing Presidential Speeches: An Interview
How are political speeches created? How is writing a speech different from writing a lecture, or a short story? How do you capture an audience's atttention - and then its heart? Thomas LaFauci has written speeches for Speaker of the House Tom Foley, Senator John Kerry, and Senator, and now Vice President, Joseph Biden, among many others. He responded to questions posed by NCBLA president Mary Brigid Barrett.

Presidential Menageries: George Washington, Hound Dogs, and Super Mules
by Mary Brigid Barrett
Ironically, the father of our country had no children of his own, but he was involved in breeding of another nature—that of mules and hounds.

From White House Hostess to American Powerhouse:
The Evolution of the First Lady’s Title and Role

by Geri Zabela Eddins
The designated titles assigned to the wives of America’s presidents have changed dramatically over the years. Discover how those titles, and the role of the president’s spouse, have evolved over 200 years!

For Educators: Using Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out
and in the Classroom

by Mary Brigid Barrett 

A Taste of the Past: White House Kitchens, Menus, and Recipes
by Mary Brigid Barrett
White House kitchens, foods, and menus offer pleasing appetizers to a historical feast!